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Favorite Cocktails of United States Presidents

Our country has saluted cocktails as early as the sixteenth century. We admire them on old movies and respect them in our bars. A deliciously made cocktail is a welcome atribute to a relaxing fun filled evening bound with good friends and conversation.

If you have been lucky enough to sip a Mojito you know that the magic takes place with White Rum, Carbonated Water, sugar and fresh Mint leaves softly processed with a Pestle. The Mojito is thought to be the very first cocktail invented in the sixteenth century. Cocktail Artists have since added several different flavors to the Mojito.

A recipe straight out of Singapore lends the Singapore Sling which made it’s debut in the early nineteen hundreds. A concoction of Gin, Benedictine, Cherry flavored Brandy and a tad of Bitters.

A good russian Vodka primiers in the famous White Russian cocktail. Vodka, Kaluha and a splash of cream make this cocktail a sweet treat. This creamy cocktail has been around for about eighty years.

The ideal food marriage to a cocktail is a food that can be eaten without silverware using ones fingers and small enough to take as a whole bite. Some ideal foods include a new take on Pigs In The Blanket; wrap some dry imported salami with a slice of imported cheese bake until brown and serve with some spiced mustard for dipping. Homemade Pita Chips with a freshly made Gucamoli is sure to please. Jumbo Cocktail Shrimp served with a zesty dip is a for sure hit.

States in the US with Odd Alcohol Laws

Many states in our nation today still have what are called, “Blue laws”. What is a blue law you might ask? A law from Colonial times prohibiting certain activities such as purchasing alcohol on a Sunday. These were strict religious laws and strictly enforced. Today many of these laws are considered obsolete, yet many of them still remain on the books. A few examples.


It is illegal to have beer bottles larger than 16 ounces. Furthermore, there are Read the rest of this entry »

Top Three Beer Consuming Countries of the World

Beer, glorious beer! Loved the world over, and loved slightly more in some places than others. You may be surprised to find which countries consume the most beer. Here is a breakdown of the top three beer consuming countries in the world, taking into consideration the total volume of beer consumed in each country.

1. China consumed the most beer in 2010 by scoffing a total of 44,683 thousand kiloliters. The Chinese favor lagers, and there are many regional Chinese breweries producing this type. Although this country consumes the most beer in volume, it only equals to about 1.2 bottles per Read the rest of this entry »

Discover the Origination of Our Happy Hour

There is no set period when what we have come to know as “happy hour” really began. As a general term it means a period where friends or colleagues could gather together for a drink. The oldest reference to this time is found in the nineteen twenties as a reference to the times when Navy ships would hold scheduled events as a way of entertaining the sailors on board. This scheduled entertainment did not revolve around drinking Read the rest of this entry »

On The Rocks, Straight Up or Neat?

Cocktails have always had a certain mystique to them, whipped up behind the bar by experts that mix secret ingredients in their drinks for extra flavor and flair. Recently a new trend has emerged in the cocktail world, one that combines food and flavorings into the drink, creating gourmet cocktails.

Cocktails have been around forever, but throughout time a few favorites have stood the test of time. Margaritas are a perfect example. The are hundreds of recipes for the perfect margarita with multiple ingredients that Read the rest of this entry »