On The Rocks, Straight Up or Neat?

Cocktails have always had a certain mystique to them, whipped up behind the bar by experts that mix secret ingredients in their drinks for extra flavor and flair. Recently a new trend has emerged in the cocktail world, one that combines food and flavorings into the drink, creating gourmet cocktails.

Cocktails have been around forever, but throughout time a few favorites have stood the test of time. Margaritas are a perfect example. The are hundreds of recipes for the perfect margarita with multiple ingredients that can be used to create one that is truly unique.Didn’t catch that? This explains it. Older cocktails such as the Gin Rickey, Manhattan and the Rob Roy have made recent comebacks in popularity.

Rum, tequila, vodka, bourbon and gin can all be added to a variety of mixers such as fruit juices, club soda, pop, or tonic in order to create popular cocktails. Fruit slices, sugar, spices and herbs are also used frequently to add flavor. Drinks can be served on the rocks, which is with ice, or frozen, served in crushed ice. Alcoholic beverages can also be served straight up with no ice or neat, which is also served without ice but is served in an old fashioned glass.

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