Top Three Beer Consuming Countries of the World

Beer, glorious beer! Loved the world over, and loved slightly more in some places than others. You may be surprised to find which countries consume the most beer. Here is a breakdown of the top three beer consuming countries in the world, taking into consideration the total volume of beer consumed in each country.

1. China consumed the most beer in 2010 by scoffing a total of 44,683 thousand kiloliters. The Chinese favor lagers, and there are many regional Chinese breweries producing this type. Although this country consumes the most beer in volume, it only equals to about 1.2 bottles per person per week because of the very large Chinese population.

2. At 24,138 thousand kiloliters, the United States comes in second. Americans average about 4.4 bottles per person per week, and enjoy American light lager as the most popular beer there. Recently, craft beers have become popular as Americans look for different tastes and textures in their brews.

3. Brazil consumes roughly 12,170 thousand kiloliters per year. Brazilians favor cold draft pilsner types of beer, although lagers are also popular. They prefer their beer ice cold, and drink about 2.6 bottles of beer per person, per week.

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