States in the US with Odd Alcohol Laws

Many states in our nation today still have what are called, “Blue laws”. What is a blue law you might ask? A law from Colonial times prohibiting certain activities such as purchasing alcohol on a Sunday. These were strict religious laws and strictly enforced. Today many of these laws are considered obsolete, yet many of them still remain on the books. A few examples.


It is illegal to have beer bottles larger than 16 ounces. Furthermore, there are to be no wine labels with naked ladies or immodest pictures.


No alcohol is allowed to be sold between 5:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m.


It is illegal to ride a horse when you’re intoxicated.


Throwing a booze party during a hurricane is against the law.


It’s okay to drink in public but public drunkenness is prohibited.


There are no happy hours allowed in bars and taverns.


Stores must sell alcoholic drinks at room temperature.

South Carolina

There are to be no liquor sales on election day.


Anyone under the age of 21 can drink if they’re with their parents or their spouse but there are absolutely no liquor or alcohol sales allowed on Sunday’s.

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