Favorite Cocktails of United States Presidents

Our country has saluted cocktails as early as the sixteenth century. We admire them on old movies and respect them in our bars. A deliciously made cocktail is a welcome atribute to a relaxing fun filled evening bound with good friends and conversation.

If you have been lucky enough to sip a Mojito you know that the magic takes place with White Rum, Carbonated Water, sugar and fresh Mint leaves softly processed with a Pestle. The Mojito is thought to be the very first cocktail invented in the sixteenth century. Cocktail Artists have since added several different flavors to the Mojito.

A recipe straight out of Singapore lends the Singapore Sling which made it’s debut in the early nineteen hundreds. A concoction of Gin, Benedictine, Cherry flavored Brandy and a tad of Bitters.

A good russian Vodka primiers in the famous White Russian cocktail. Vodka, Kaluha and a splash of cream make this cocktail a sweet treat. This creamy cocktail has been around for about eighty years.

The ideal food marriage to a cocktail is a food that can be eaten without silverware using ones fingers and small enough to take as a whole bite. Some ideal foods include a new take on Pigs In The Blanket; wrap some dry imported salami with a slice of imported cheese bake until brown and serve with some spiced mustard for dipping. Homemade Pita Chips with a freshly made Gucamoli is sure to please. Jumbo Cocktail Shrimp served with a zesty dip is a for sure hit.

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